Exams and Magick

I have several exams coming up and I want to not only pass them, I want to destroy them. I want to do extremely well on these exams. If I pass them both, my institution will pay for me to go take the certification exam for CCENT, and that is very important to me. Not only this, but I will have plenty of exams coming up in the future for other subjects. I’m wondering if there’s a really powerful spell to help pass exams. If anyone knows of spells or spirits to help with learning and retaining information, using divination to get the right answer, and anything in general to further my education, please post below! Thanks!

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How about trying a search of the forum? Just by typing in ‘Passing exams’ 5 threads pop up for me. This question has been asked so many times that a basic search will answer most if not all your questions.

Yeah, that would work, but I’m looking for more than just passing an exam. First of all, I want a powerful spell. Second, I want to also find spells for learning and retaining knowledge.

That is all related and in the same threads. The spirits that can help with exams are the same that can help with memory retention. You don’t know what has already been posted until you actually do a search.

And as far as “a powerful spell” goes, that is completely relative. What is powerful for you, isn’t powerful for me.

It’s a bit last minute so effect will be limited as far as your overall score is but give this a shot.

At the beginning of next semester I’d get this going and keep it going.

Give it a read.

If it’s not what you’re looking for then see what the search brings up.