Ex girlfriend problems

So about 3 years ago I had a really bad break up with this girl. I wont go into details (But will if asked) just because I don’t see them as important. The problem I’m having is that she is continuity polluting my dreams. And what I mean by this is that she is in my dreams on a regular enough basis that its getting to me. I don’t think I’m still in love (She was the only girl I can say I was truly in love with) with this person, and the only reason I think is because i’m still having dreams about her (Sexual, sometimes not). And if I am still in love with her on any level, I don’t want to be. I want to move on and pretty much have except for this problem. When I wake up I can’t stop thinking about her as well, how things could have been different,ect. And is the only time I think these things.

My dreams are very vivid and real and this is why its such a large problem.

Help would be much appreciated.

Cut n clear it.
Take a bath in black walnut for nine days straight, praying and.stating your intention as you do so.

It persists because you allow it. You turn to Magick but the arte is only useful if you desire honest change, do you? If so the dreams will cease, if not, they will persist. Sometimes things are simple even though we attempt to make them complicated.

If you’re getting pretty vivid dreams withe her why dont you use those to your benefit? You know, its not everyone that can have such dreams, and they’re powerful tools for your advancement. My advice is to dont bother about the content of your dreams and learn hiw to control the experience. As you were lovers, her energy must be stimulating the areas that allow you to Lucid Dream, so take it as a gift and salute her for it!

Thank you.