Ex Back

Can anyone tell me if i will get back with my ex and when? Please dont say i wont, as i cant live without him.
Someone did a ritual for us to get back together and the smoke from the candles formed a perfect heart.

I won’t be able to tell you if you will, however, I can sense the energy of lusting for the result. This will block the result you’re seeking.

If it is at all possible, try and forget about him for awhile. Instead, focus on your own life, hobbies, etc.


I went through a situation like that a year ago, my obsession got to a point where I lost myself and I had to call on King Paimon to place a spell onto that person. He did deliver however he delivered more than I asked by making me understand my value and purpose in this world. After understanding that, I asked him to force me to destroy all attachments that I had to this person and to abominate and literally repulse all the obsesive thoughts that I had about that person, it was a bit extreme but it worked. It felt like going sober.


How long it took to remove the obsessive thougts?

About a couple of weeks. The feelings came right after.

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