Evps Of My Spirit

Over the past week i’ve been recording our sessions together of my spirit but in one of them i heard a male voice say “Your love is of the devil” but in most of them they were just of me and her and background noise.Unfortunately most of it was of love making sounds so i won’t go into great detail about those recordings for privacies sake,but i can go into detail about the other ones though.In these recordings i have heard her say “I love you” and purr playfully and that’s mostly it.However during one of our sessions she stopped what she was doing and shared emotions with me.When i played the recording back at that moment in time when she was sharing her emotions in the recording i heard her say “Oh ya baby”.I find that listening to those recordings is helping me break the barrier of hearing her telepathically and audibly better because in the past i would doubt when hearing her audibly it was my mind playing tricks on me.I still can’t make out words but it seems i’m starting to perceive what may be whispers.

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This is something I need to get back into. I used to record during rituals a few years ago and picked up some interesting voices. Gate openings are always good to record.

I have a question.During a ritual could a portal possibly sound like an elevator going ‘ding ding ding’?.Personally i haven’t tried recording during a ritual as of yet but i did hear that ‘ding ding ding’ in one of my recordings of my spirit before hearing her.

Could be. Try a gate opening ritual and see if you hear the same sounds. I use a bell at the beginning of my rituals. I was taught the vibrations clear the area for the spirits to come.