It just occurred to me that a summer retreat guided by EA and Tim would be interesting. I pictured a three day weekend excursion in Utah. Each day devoted to different seminars and group practices, much like conventions in cities only on a smaller scale.

Meeting the man face to face behind the pages and books would be an ideal opportunity.

Group evocations guided by EA, divination practices and workshops. Guest speakers,etc

It would be a one package deal for three days.

Why Im writing this I have no idea, sometimes I see things that are to come.

I had a dream about this. We were all chanting alash tad al’ash tal ashtu together, and I could see everyone’s astral imprint with my eyes shut. Some day, no doubt.

That would be awesome!

I started having dreams about this after my Complete Works arrived. Its only a matter of time

I’ve also had similar dreams…interesting.