Does anyone else find that the first time they evoke an entity that it’s a stronger result than with the next?

No as continued exposer and observations of a certain thing anchors the energies both in the location of evocation and within the evocator which increases the manifestion of said force.

There is likely alot more involved that i forgot to mention but I have found this basic idea to hold for both raw energies be they elemental,planetary,sephorthic ect. and entites i work with at this point.

Edit, read your question inverted first time :rofl:

So the strongest evocation is possibly the first? Because you haven’t been exposed it just feels stronger?

If your refering to the energetic presence of the force evoked that can “wane” as you get used to it.

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No, I find it gets stronger the more you do it, using the same location increases this, until you end up with a permanent presence.


I find the first time I do an evocation that that night I don’t sleep well really, I am awake a lot (I’m wondering if it’s actually lucid dreaming) because I remember a lot of it but I will get strong sensations and vivid dreams. The next time I sleep the same as always.

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