Evoking without the ability to communicate with spirits for a month

Its only the first week but I’m been evoking spirits everyday in the hopes of opening myclairaudience acting like I can talk to them. the conversations are one-sided but wonder if this will help open my abilities to hear voices. got no issues feeling energies or making use of my cards. I just wanted hear someone else take on evoking like this.


Yes this will help. Anything that improved your contact with your subconscious will help, also writing down your dreams, using pendulums etc.

It’s your subconscious that can hear the spirits, it always can, and it has to learn how to give your brain messages as if they were voices, that’s clairaudience in a nutshell. So anything that helps you to getting touch with it and train it is going to help. It does want to be heard.


I agree with Mulberry and to add, you can practice yes or no answers very easily, by saying no and then pay attention where you feel it in your body, same for yes. This way you can have yes/no answers from the spirits you work with as a starter and then keep developing the actual Clairaudience.


Thanks @Mulberry and @Sororbatsheva156 thanks for the info really appreciate Sororbatheva I’ll try to put what you said into practice for my sessions I’ve been keeping detailed note of my experiences so might post something about it in the future.


I agree with @Mulberry

@Jonny_somthing If you stick with it until your clairaudience opens for you you’ll realize that you can hear them and everyone else can as well they just don’t realize they can.

Remember your not hearing with your ears you’re hearing with your mind.

It will begin as intuitive prompts, and nudgings, then a word then a sentence. Then like a flower it unfolds for you.

It’s not easy but it’s worth it.


thanks for the encouragement I really appreciate it. Its been a weird week spiritually. I’m excited for what this challenge will bring.

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