Evoking via Sigil!

So I tried for the 2nd time to establish communication with a certain entity. I think it went well? I had a candle lit, inscense (although didn’t burn this time around - had burned earlier, and frankly need to restock). I opened the sigil and this time not only did it seem to glow (but with colors not white), red and perhaps another color (green?), Got a presence feeling in my room as the other time, heavy like as the first time, but this time (I was holding the paper with the sigil drawn on it with my hands) the paper seemed to pulse? Like energy like- but only noticed this really where I was holding the papers (my finger tips and thumbs).

All in all I think it went well. Still can’t communicate telepathically, but that will come with time.

Note* the candle seemed to act up this time to, but this time I made SURE to close my window + turn of all fans beforehand.

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Left an offering/gift of a piece of artwork I drew for the entity to, to help establish a connection along with everything else + out of respect to the being as well.