Evoking Vampiric Spirits?

I was just wondering if there are any spirits I could evoke to help me develop my skills in psychic vampirism. It’s something I feel would help me further on my ascension.


The Goddesse Ereshkigal is a Wonderful Vampiric Teacher, she is Incredible!

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Is there any sigil for her ?

Vampiric spirits to evoke, well there are some I know.

Lilith has been known to be queen of vampires.

Kali is the Indian goddess also called mother of all vampires.

Try those.

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Hekate. Pretty much any Lovecraftian God. Me. Ereshkigal. Selene.

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Oh and bune.
Edit: tiamat.

I found this link: Vampire folklore by region - Wikipedia I’m certain you can find something in it.

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Ereshkigal is Eshdagaru?