Evoking the Old Gods of the Grimoirium Imperium?

I’ve been toying with this Grimoire for the past few months… It’s crypticism of the ‘Old Gods’ intrigues me profoundly and seems to have been ‘calling me’ since I read it.

Obviously the ‘faces’ of Nyarlathotep are aptly described, but the other Old Gods are so cryptic it borders on the nonsensical.

I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with this Grimoire? Is it too ‘advanced’ for a neophyte like myself?

Are there any practical uses for it, or would it be strictly for knowledge/ascension?

Just curious…the warnings in the Grimoire obviously make me want to try it more, lmao.

Here it is online, with a forward by Dr. John Dee

If I know which one your talking about most of the book is ripped off word for word from the simon necronomicon. I’m not saying the sigils aren’t authentic but most of the book is plagerized.
There are minute differences in the writing that you’ll see if you put the text side by side.