Evoking The Dark Mother, Hecate

I have a special bond with Hecate, she is my patron Goddess, Something about her beautiful dark energy always drew me in. I have her tattooed on my leg and her being known for her associations with ravens and dogs suits me perfectly. The raven is my totem animal and I am a dog lover.

I call her the dark mother because of her triple Goddess aspect, overseer of all worlds from above to below and in between. She has a motherly aspect that only some people have been privaleged enough to see as her darkness is similar to that of Lilith and many people fear her, but if approached in the right manner you will see a different side of her.

She is also queen of all the dark Fae, just as Gaia is the mother of light and oversees the light Fae, who also is known for her triple Goddess aspect, an overseer. I will be evoking Hecate tonight in just a bit and asking her to send me a dark faerie as a familiar and also have her imbue her energy into a ring I made in dedication of her.

The ring Was handcrafted with blue wire and crystals that form the shape of a flower and in the middle, a moonstone bead as this is one of the gemstones that is associated with Hecate, one of her favorites actually so it seemed appropriate. I will be asking her to give me some of her energy which the ring will be empowered with.

Instead of a talisman or symbol necklace to form an extra special link with her, I decided to try something different (the ring) which is not like the usual rings that other magicians use. I wanted something special as Hecate can inspire creativity and she loves gemstones so I felt she deserved something special and unique, which I think she will appreciate.

I will report back to this thread either later tonight or tomorrow afternoon if she tells me anything useful or if anything strange happens during the ritual that I wish to share. I am really looking forward to this one. I am forming my own circle of familiars which includes my two guardians as well, sort of like my own little coven but with energy based spirits instead of actual people, which I think will be stronger as people are too uncooperative, demanding, and stubborn when it comes to covens or magick circles.

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Nice timing, dark moon on a Monday.

So last night was definitely unusual. The energy in the room was equal to that of a demonic king. Hecate is no joke, she is very dark and powerful but her energy is so comforting. When she empowered the ring for me it felt so good I almost went to sleep at one point and it even made me feel a little sexually excited but that happens sometimes with darker entities, nothing to be ashamed of as it’s out of your control anyway.

Her voice is very comforting as well. So anyway, she agreed to send the familiar and as always I was told it would be a few days before she arrives as she intends to matchmake me with the right one. But I was told in advanced what my familiars name would be and it’s very common actually, many fae have names that are not too unusual like that of a demonic familiar. Her name is Gwenithyn. I like that, it’s pretty.

So to get to the weird parts. Not only did Hecate place random visuals right in front of my face like having visions but in the air instead of in my head, of her in a dark forest with ravens and such but I saw non-stop orbs when she was around in my favorite colors none the less! Beautiful deep blue and purple glowing balls of light that sometimes almost seemed to flicker like flames. Candles went haywire off and on, flickering out of control and almost extinguishing themselves at one point.

Lots of unexplained lights actually. My camera was on a tri-pod (I was filming this for youtube) and it was sitting on my tv stand so in my tv I could see the reflection of the digital screen on my camera, so the tv was reflecting everything that was being seen thru the camera lense. I kept seeing light coming from somewhere and flashing but looking around I did not see any direct source of it. In my tv I could see that some kind of light was being seen thru my camera lense, 4 white orbs actually all arranged into a square the way they were placed and they kept glowing and flashing. I could see them on the camera but not with the naked eye.

I don’t have any auto functions turned on in my camera so I knew I wasn’t seeing like a metering square that was adjusting the focus or something. I tried playing the footage back on my camera but the fast forward function on there is way too slow and this was a very long ritual so I didn’t have time to watch the whole thing but I will watch it later today on my desktop computer and see if any of those strange lights actually show up in the video. It would be just my luck that I see them thru the camera lense but they would mysteriously be absent from the video, but we’ll see.

Also, this is verifiable by the footage. My camera stopped recording on its own as if Hecate turned it off, either her energy did this or she did not want to be filmed but then the camera also turned off on its own. Now when this happens you can see me sitting in front of my altar, nowhere near the camera so it’s obvious I didn’t turn it off and I checked, my camera battery did not die so that’s not why it turned it off as it was fully charged still when I checked. Also I did not run out of recording room as I have a very large capacity memory card and that video was the only one currently on that card, so it was not a space issue either.

After that, the orange light on my desktop computer that usually flashes to indicate a memory stick or portable hard drive has been plugged into it, started flashing on its own too and my computer was in sleep mode the whole time and nothing was plugged in. So lots of lights and glowing orbs and I swear at one point in the video it looks like something walked behind me, but I will check the footage in a bit and see. I had so much energy after this I stayed up until 4:46 a.m. and even then I did not wanna go to sleep but I made myself so I wouldn’t crash mid day today, but I woke up at 7:20 a.m. to my daughter excitedly yelling out her vocabulary test words to my mom but instead of being bitchy and upset like I usually am when that happens I just shot right out of bed and went in the living room, friendly as could be.

Will report back after I’ve performed my own evocation of Hecate,since we weren’t able to sync up.No problem.But that’s a lovely experience!So glad Mother was able to introduce you to a fairy friend,and that this ritual turned out so well!

Also,I’d like to point out,that Hekate is one of the first entities I ever contacted,and that I never thought she was dark in the least bit.Seriously.I only got to meet her dark side after becoming a LHP occultist.To me,she’s always radiated maternal energy.

I’ve just finished evoking Hecate.I stood in a circle of nine candles,with a seal of Hecate from Jason Miller’s book Protection and Reversal Magic drawn on my leg,and on a stone that I had prepared to act as a vessel for her essence.

She came fast,and instructed me to blow the candles out.And when I did,she materialized as a colossal woman,black dress,grey skin,red hair,the usual.

At that point,she began comforting me on various circumstances in life,and instructed me in making my vessel.When I had finished it,I charged it with her essence,after which I told her to deliver me one of her children,one of my siblings,to come to be to guide me.

I am the kin of the fairies,for we come from the same mothers,and she promised me a dark fairy familiar.The familiar would take some time to arrive,as it does with Raven but Mother said their name is Sarali.I know not whether Sarali is male or female.

We talked a bit more,and then she left.No overly bizarre poltergeist activity happened,besides the fact that my door mysteriously opened with no draft or human influence involved,when she was materializing.That was cool,though,not unique.

Yeah my familiar arrived 2 nights ago, as with Hecate a few nights prior to that there were lots of flashing lights in my room from electronics that should not have been flashing. I was in deep thought when she arrived and in a daze so I assume that was to get my attention. As I am sitting here typing this, things are flashing again. Although this faerie is not minature she is just shorter than an average human, she is just child size, not like an adult who has dwarfism. She is about 2-1/2 feet tall. Even more interesting, her wings are black and are not see-through. They almost resemble raven or blackbird wings.

I’ve seen fae like that, the ones I saw, the wings looked almost jagged (like if Tim Burton did a mechanical crow or something in a movie - which he probably has!) but definitely not see-though like dragonflies.

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