Evoking Sastan through Flame

I will not write much as im getting out of the rapturebut I evoked Sastan through the flames. I magickally structured him and he appeared head and shoulders, a crusty grey skin all around with red eyes. He taught me how to control heat and flames which im still tripping on. need to relax, provided me with a sigil to call him quickly. ill write more later

Further notes to the above

took a very freezing shower to snap out of this state. had a meal earlier so I wasn’t in the mood to prepare anything.

My objective earlier yesterday was to only connect with Sastan on a psychic level and not a full blown evocation, even less through fire!. I was not prepared for what would happen to me.

This was my 5th day/night in devotional contemplation with the inverted pentagram. The 2nd incantation is amazing and I always find myself loosing my mind and begin to speak non-sense quickly as I contemplate the pentagram dissolving in my sight like sugar in a hot pan.

My aim was to connect with Sastan and allow him to communicate his teachings through clairvoyance. An ironic twist since this is the exact reason I am calling him.

His voice comes through my mind in a flowing non-obtrusive manner. Stern like a headmaster in a prep school.

I began to move my focus from the pentagram and towards sastans sigil. I chanted his name las if it was my lover on the other end. My whispers kept me focused. I praised his name, his essence,his station as a teacher of the flames. Once I felt his presence I quickly lit my silver plate filled with 70% alcohol which grew quickly and the flames danced before me.

and then I saw…nothing.

I continued gazing into nothingness. simply an antique silver plate rolling in flames 70% proof.

It dissipated and I felt lost. I picked up the sigil again. The sigil was active in my astral sight. I filled the plate and continued to chant his name once again. I lit it and flames danced around. But nothing still…

I am not one to give up so quickly. My contemplation of the pentagram, if anything, taught me one thing;never give up. Become a persistent bastard and press on!.

I once again filled the plate and gazed at the sigil. This time it completely disappeared in the candle lit room. I quickly lit the plate for a third time. Calling his name. His voice came to me…

" use your passion. bring me to life through your passion"

I then began to magically create him or rather, assist him in his creation through the dancing flames as they rose higher. I used my imagination which in turn began to take form in front of me. The flames compressed together forming what appeared to be a head and shoulder sparking outward and inward at the same time.

Finally the head took on a complete presence. About 30ish looking but his skin was scalar Grey and almost peeling off him. His eyes…white with red pupils that were intense to look into.

From this point on I began to easily communicate with him. I had my notebook ready and had some questions prepared beforehand. He first began showing me how to intensify the flames to my advantage. I received clairvoyantly his alternate sigil( this was also " created magickally " by beginning with a line and allowing him to complete it.)

After a few minutes in his presence I thanked him and gave him a simple dismissal, which in turn the flames died out naturally.

The after effects are interesting - my pupils were almost dilated and wide eyed. Feeling of complete strength and completion. Basically “Intoxicating”.

I am inclined to believe that Sastan was perhaps testing my resolve. How far would I go…

I am still reeling it at this moment. Nothing short of amazing.

I will continue this until the eleven days are completed.

I closed my rite with the 2nd incantation and gazing at the pentagram.

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Nice, I’m about to call Satan right now… first time tho, do you think igil on paper is just too cheap? I don’t have anything else for the moment

I used only the paper from my sketchbook. Cheap paper…you do not need parchment. Of course, make sure its not notebook paper or grid mechanical paper. make sure its blank white. Use a thick Sharpie to draw.

This is literally exactly what I do. Can’t go wrong.

EpicGnome, just making sure; this is about Sastan…not Satan.