Evoking Prince Sitri: Signs of success

So I lit a red candle, meditated and looked into the sigil. Then I began to chant the demonic enn. As soon as I done that, I noticed the candle flame had became a very high spiral and flickering very frequently. I stated Sitri my request of the man I wanted to lust after me. Then I meditated looking into this guy’s picture thinking of all of the things I want to happen between us. Afterwards I asked nicely for Sitri to leave promising him something in return when this request is fulfilled. I was feeling an insatiable desire/lust during the whole evocation, as a matter of fact, im still feeling it now, so I take that as a good sign but need reassurance.


You made contact. You were heard. Now, relax and make a sandwich.

Seriously. Step outside and take a walk. Hang out with the girls. Live your life, girl.

“No lust for result.” In other words,

Stop thinking about it and let the universe do the rest.


Wth I literally just decided to evoke him and now I see this. The synchronicity

Oh wow… LOL

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Yeah. I’m looking for a friends with benefits thing lol

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I’ll let you know how it goes

Let me know, I love hearing experiences.

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what if in my case, the candle didnt flicker and i just “think” my request was heard? not to mention i didnt see any other signs and any results(it has been 2 days since i evoked him)
also, i tried evoking gremory 8-10 days back, i “thought” it was successful, but again, no results

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Give it a month minimum (meaning you’d be in the top. 1 percent of lucky people to have results that quick)

haha, most of the people who posted their results here are apparently that 1 %

All im saying is that these things take time. Your being too impatient.

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