Evoking Planetary Spirits and Intelligences

So I was reading EE again,and noticed EA said these spirits are easily evoked.My question is what do you use for a sigil?Would you use the sign for that planet,or do you even need one? Has anyone here evoked such a being? If so what was it like,and how are they able to help?

When you ask about sigils for these Entities you might not be aware of the "planetary" systems (cabalistically espec see Agrippa or Barrett)- EE has some of these, but in short the square of the planet has a tracing of the name of these Intell and Spirits  (which rather than try to derive, to see how the lines are shaped in these grimmoires)- there are also "secondary" sigils unrelated to the sqs. I'm not sure if you haven't looked into that, or if you were asking about something else entirely(?)

–the type of contact I’ve found, in relation to what they are like, is a quite distinct “cultural-feel” (different than other Entities)- like accessing research-librarian experts (with a slight laboratory-scientist feel), in the way that speaking with those that have deeply immersed into a speciality (such that they “eat-sleep-breathe” a subject- like say chess, reaching for a box of ceral, reading of the name, pouring it into a bowl… they might automatically interp in “chess-terms”)… and how speaking with a person that has so specialized in a field (not in any in particular, just that type of immersed-focus) has a certain flavour to it.

I’m doing something different along these lines:

[b]The Divestment of The Metals[/b]

“Seven are the passages to perfection of matter”

  • wrote Cagliostro in the Catechism for the Apprentice of the Egyptian Lodge. Like many other alchemists, Pernety speaks of ‘washing’, adding that this involves passage through the seven planets, effected by seven successive workings which lead from the different states of Mercury, symbolised by the alchemical metals, to the state of gold.[6] In the light of what has just been expounded are such texts illumined.[7]

To be admitted to initiation in the Masonic Order, the layman must divest himself of his metals. Since each metal belongs to a planet this divestment must be intended to show the shedding of the planetary vestures, that the being may contemplate the true light.

Source: The 7 Bodies Of Man In Hermetic Astrology, about ⅔ of the way down the page.

I won’t go into too much detail because although I’ve had good results so far, I’m nowhere near having a cohesive system and I don’t want to lead you off-track inadvertantly, it’s just something I’m working on right now on my own framework, and doesn’t have the kind of “peer-reviewed” substantial status of the more well-known methods. :slight_smile:

As a side effect, I’ve had some contact with the planetary intelligences, and I’ve also made a few planetary talismans in the past, using Israel Regardie’s methods as the guideline, and when consecrating those I had some contact with the (?main or primary?) intelligences of each planet, briefly.

It’s my belief based on experiences I’ve had that the planetary intelligences are both seperate from my own personality and also in some ways a core part of it, based by where they fall on my birth chart, the same way that I have some nitrogen in the tissues of my body, but I’m not “all” the nitrogen, nor is it all contained within me.

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