Evoking philosophers (project idea)

I’ll start this with I have no real experience with human spirits, so if this idea doesn’t quite work the way I think that is understandable :slight_smile:

the thought came up when I was re-reading the book of five rings the other day, this book, like most philosophy of the time has such a deeper meaning that you can read it multiple times and get different interpretations. With that said, Could I potentially evoke, in this case Miyamoto Musashi, and get an even deeper level of understanding from the book? and would this work with other books, both ancient and more modern philosophers?


Yes, I’ve evoked Epicurus, and let him in. Hes joined my council now I often have his thoughts to govern my life and understanding the actions of others.


Reminds me of Odysseus’ conjuring Appolonius of Tyana to consult with him. Might be kind of neat to evoke Nietzche. I’m sure he would be interested in the LHP.