Evoking phenix/phenex for musical help

Hello everyone. I’m just a guy who’s completely into music and new to magick. Can someone please help me or tell me how do I perform an evokation step by step. I really want to evoke him and ask for his guidance or help. I don’t know how to evoke him

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Click on the little magnifying glass in the upper right of your screen. Type in “evocation guide.” Click the fourth option on the list that comes up. That will tell all you need to know.


I checked it out and it was amazing! I’ll try it today itself. I just have one doubt, when I tell him about my wish. Do I address it in present tense or future tense. Because in Gordon Winter field’s book Demons Of Magick. It stated to always ask the request in present tense

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You would form your request the same way you would if you were asking a friend to do a favour. “Phenix, I ask you to make me the sexiest, most awesomest clarinet player in all the world. As it is within your power, and as it is my will, I ask that you to do this for me.”

Winterfield’s book is a different system so don’t compare them.


Thanks a lot! I’ll try it today and let you know how it went. It’ll be my second evocation. The first time I tried to evoke phenex was by using Winter field’s way. Nothing happened except I became tired and sick.

If you don’t mind can you share your personal Demonic evocation experience using the same method. Do I need to meditate before doing this and is drawing any pentagram or ZD sign required. I hope you understand my curiosity as I’m a complete beginner


Hey Anassa. Can you help me out!

You got some good advice from @DarkestKnight
From my side, I just don’t see why would you call Phoenix for music. To my knowledge it has absolutely nothing to do with music, but with renewal and regeneration. :woman_shrugging:


Then whom should I call upon?

You can do a research about demons and angels that can help you with music and there’s also this list about deities


You could work with archangel Sandalphon at the same time. He is an angel of music and can bring you inspiration and practical support when you perform !

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