Evoking Paralda


So recently I called up Dantalion to help me boost my telepathy with some pretty awesome results you can read about here


So anyway I think I would like to take things to the next level now. I want to ask Paralda to use his memory improving ability on me, hopefully this will help me remember conversations I have with entities better.

So anyway before I get to that, for those of you who have evoked Paralda before, what would you recommend to get the best success? What sort of candles/incense/other stuff does he like? Is there a time of day he prefers to be called?


I wonder how we can use these entities in a stacking sense to keep a chain of improving?


Yeah, good question, what I noticed is that when it comes to learning from entities, there are two methods they have of teaching. The more common seems to be eithe rtelling or showing clues to how something works, this seems to be the more common as most of the fellows I work with teach like this. Though I have heard that some of them will be able to simply grant me the knowledge, but I havent been in the right state for them to do that yet.

But there seem to be some who seem to be able to just activate an ability in you like Dantalion, I hear Paralda is good for this too. With Dantalion it was like I suddenly understood how to talk telepathically withoutdoing it before, it’s not 100% clear yet as sometimes I still have trouble understanding them and sometimes things don’t translate but at least I can hold conversations now.

From what I hear Paralda is also able to do what Dantalion did but with his specialties like improving memory.

Aside from advice on Paralda, if anyone knows of an entity that can activate abilities like Dantalion and Paralda it would be appreciated if you tell which ones can do it.


Ok, well I did this today, the results arent quite as awesome as Dantalions at least not yet but still pretty good. anyway first the evocation.

I set up all the usual stuff and also set out an offering of a whipped key lime cake since that seemed like an airy food. after going through the evocation I felt a breeze come through the room and sort of felt his presence in front of me. I then asked him if he was there. I heard a tiny whisper in the back of my head say yes. So I then went along with my requests, he said that he could boost the aspects of my telepathy I wanted boosted with the empthasis on site but it would take longer for him to improve my memory. In return he wanted me to carve his sigil into a wind chime in my back yard which I will try to do tomarow. I agreed and dissmissed him, and with that he left as I felt a surge of power go through me.

Tonight I got out my scrying mirror, earlier I sort of took things for a test and noticed after imagery showed up a bit more easily when I closed my eyes. Now ever since dantalion activated my communication ability, one thing I had a little trouble with is that I have trouble talking with a spirit while viewing any sort of image of it at the same time, I think because all my focus is either on its appearance or what it is saying. Paralda fixed this, also the image clarity went up a bit from what it was before. So I tried to view and talk to several spirits associated with me

The first image I got was of a black woman who seemed to be spitting into something. Now the previous night I actually met one of the spirits associated with me on the astral for the first time, SK for some reason in the projection he took the form of a tall black woman in her 20’s wearing a yellow dress. So I knew this was him since the image stuck. He said that he was lubricating something in my mind, not sure what that meant.

Next I viewed LD, like SK the symbolic imagery from the astral meeting we had stuck and he looked like some guy who worked at a car dealership. Next the moneky spirit showed up in his dealership, I tried asking him his name and he gave me another name that was probably fake as he tends to do, its a different name each time I ask.

Next a clear image of Anelia came up, she looked like a black widow who was walking along her web. I told her I was going to open my eyes to see how clear I could get the image in the mirror. She said ok, when I did this she changed from a widow to the afterimage of a tarantula who wandered about he mirror. The after image was of a higher degree of clarity from what I usually get which was cool. Next I saw peacock feathers, the peacock lady was back. I closed my eyes and saw a clear view of a woman adorned in peacock feathers. I asked her name again as I had forgotten it before. She said he name was Morrisondra. I then asked her if there was anything she wanted to tell me. A clear image of catwoman came up beating up some thugs with a whip. She told me I had to be quick and deadly like catwoman in my future endeavors. Catwoman then got fat which slowed her down and she then warned not to get too caught up in the little details.

Next I saw the spirits in my wans, Fukatatsu and Fanami, a tribal warrior and a healer girl. This was a fairly claer image and Fanami spoke warning against testing the portal technique I was learning in any place I had attachment to whther it was good or bad attachment. I had been considering opening portals in places like my workplace which is boring and the local police station because I hate THE MAN with a scathing passion. But those are no good because I have attachment, I need to find a completely neutral place if I do this before fully mastering attachment.

Lastly someone new came, I saw an afterimage of a crow which then changed to an eagle. When I evoked paralda today I put some door opening water around the triangle. His explanation was that this let him in. His name was Kraw. Kraw explained that he could teach me some sort of remote viewing. Essentially what I would do is send my inner eye to look through an astral tendril I would send out my right hand. I tried looking into another room doing this, but had trouble making out some details. I then made it look outside, but the scenery seemed to have trouble deciding if there were or werent cars there. After it was over I looked out the window and there were cars there. It might be a phenomena similar to astral reality fluctuations.

But yeah now I can talk to spirits while looking at them at the same time, no HD images yet, but I’m working on it.