Evoking outside , will I be hassled by police?

I’ve always wondered this. Want to do an evocation and I’m about to prep for it. It’s startig to get warm outside and I’d prefer to do evocations outside, actually my entity of choice prefers it as well.

I can think of a few spots I can do this but I’m thinking close to home not an hour drive out in the woods.

I don’t even have a private space with the exception of the shed because I live with people.

Would I be breaking any laws lighting candles and burning stuff if I were to get caught ?

We cannot answer that question. You would have to check your local bylaws, which covers things like that.

For example, where I live, it would only be against the law if it was during a heatwave and there was a fire ban on in the area. Otherwise, it would be okay as long as I was not trespassing on someone’s property.


Keep in mind you don’t actually need candles or burning stuff to perform an evocation depending on what style and techniques you employ. Depending on where you are going you might just need to bring chalk for some circles and sigils or if on dirt a sturdy stick to trace it into the ground if you don’t just form it astrally.

Depending on the entity you will be evoking as well especially if you get a strong manifestation most interference won’t be allowed and people will find better things to do than go anywhere near where you will be working. If concerned about interference whether over legal issues or people just being curious or assholes form a few servitors to provide protection and make people have better things to do.