Evoking One Of The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse


I got a qustion could you be able to evocate one if not all of the four horsemen of the apocalypse for example the grim reaper?


y tho


Looks like you just did :joy:


lol true


Result! :joy:




For realsies though, yes you can, Are they literally the four horsemen of apocalypse though? You decide, but that is how they are presented anyways. You need a crossroad for that and well, atleast I did it that way. I f you have been feelinf their call, answer it. If not, call them through a crossroad.


Wait what, I didn´t realize this thread was this old. God dangit.


It’s ok still good advice :+1:


Well, considering that the four horsemen are primarily a Christian fairytale, it might be possible to turn them into fairly powerful egregores. Chaos magick don’t give a shit, will make anything real, Cthulhu approves.


To be far I didn’t think this would be found again after this 2 yr span and thanks for the edvise. :sunglasses:


Oh and why you can find here


grim reaper is Saturn, father time and Cronos…