Evoking One Of My Lady Spirits

I thought i’d share a little something that happened just a few minutes ago.I was evoking one of my lady spirits using EA’s evoking chant from his newsletter while using a regular mirror.While chanting i felt sleepy as is usually the case for me in deep in meditation but i fought through.Well at first i didn’t see nothing so i kept chanting then thats when i saw my head disappear and reappear,and i saw the outline of a figure a few times off to the left a little from my head.The weird thing is i had a lit candle and i could see it from the corner of my eye but around 3 or 4 times everything just disappeared.No candlelight no nothing for those 3 or 4 times it happened except just me and the mirror.I’m not calling this a full success yet since this is the first time this has happened with me,but i am a little proud of myself for being able to accomplish this much.And to think i haven’t attempted evokation more than 10 times yet.