Evoking on my behalf

Can someone please help to summon Prince Orobas on my behalf?
I have tried several weeks ago but still not seeing any signs of him.
Please I need help!!!

If you don’t let it go and allow it to work, you’re going to get in the way of your ritual.

Did you use the simple evocation ritual in the tutorials area or some other method?

Did you ask him for signs that it’s working?

Did you ask for a sign that he even accepted it to begin with?

Finally, if you did ask for a sign and you’re this desperate, how do you know you’re not overlooking the signs to begin with?


Well – if you’re looking for a full physical evocation just for the heck of it, you might have to work at it a little while longer, the skills can take time to develop.

If you are summoning just to petition him for something, you don’t need to evoke the demon to full physical appearance to do that. You can use a petition ritual.


Yes I asked for a sign, but what I saw during the ritual is one can flamed higher like kerosene is added and later come to it normal flame.
From there I haven’t got any signs again.

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I just followed the tutorials post on the begginer level

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How to the petition ritual be done?

I barely get signs and I’ve been doing summonings for a couple of years now. dont sweat it just know and make your request


Okay thanks

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I use the petition ritual described in the book Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. I highly recommend this book.

If not, you may be able to search this forum for “petition ritual” and should find some helpful instructions.

At minimum you could do the following:

  • Write a short petition in the past or present tense explaining your goal (for example, “I received $500” or “my mother is perfectly healthy” or “I am in a loving romantic relationship with <name>”)
  • Light a black or white candle (if you are able to, where you live)
  • Search for “<demon name> sigil” online and find an image of the demon’s sigil
  • You may wish to print or draw the sigil, or simply view the image on your device (your phone or computer)
  • Chant the demon’s enn OR listen to a recording of it being chanted, e.g. a youtube video (search for “<demon name> enn” online)
  • Gaze through the demon’s sigil until it begins to “flash”
  • Read your petition aloud
  • Burn the petition and the demon’s seal (if you have printed it out or drawn it) – only if you can do so safely, if not, tear it up into small pieces and bury it, scatter it to the winds*, or flush it down the toilet)
  • Thank the demon for coming and ask them to depart in peace.


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Ask him to come into your dreams, every night before bed untill he shows up, be persistent

This is what I did when contacting Mammon, eventually he came and gave me his message in a vivid dream.

As most here have said " Let go" is sooo important. You maybe getting signs but just not seeing them… the signs pop up when your paying no attention to your magick or rituals.


Let me ask you this? Did you evoke him and start rattling off your requests immediately? The reason I’m asking is because your evocation would be considered a cold call. A spirit that you don’t know and haven’t met before. Sometimes with cold calls it’s difficult to make the initial connection strong enough for a good evocation. This ability comes with practice my friend don’t get discouraged.

My suggestion for you is this. Perform your evocation with the purpose of making contact with the Prince Orobas and becoming aquainted. When you’ve built a little rapport with the spirit then begin making requests.

Watch your dreams for signs, watch for unusual horse related sightings. ( I recently saw a horse drawn carriage going down a busy street in Manila of all places…I said wow wtf that’s totally Prince Orobas)

Sometimes you can do a one shot cold call evocation and get everything you asked for. Depends on alot of things.

The way I practice I consider that I’m trying to make a Friend and ally of the spirit. I don’t start making requests until we’ve established a relationship. Not everyone is going to agree with what I just said and that’s ok too. These are just some suggestions to try to help you get results. Good job actually trying though.

Practice, practice practice my friend. :grinning:


Thanks for helping me and I will take any advice you gave me.

Blessed be unto you you