Evoking Odin

With the guidelines given with Evocation of 'Demons"
What would be the best way to do this with the Gods of the North?
Evoking Odin of instance or the Goddess Freya or Hlin?

Is it necessary to use the pentagram and other objects…

Just curious,

This is just me speaking via intuition, not from personal experience. But, I would think that it would be best to use symbols from the Nordic religions such as runes. The Pentagram was initially a symbol of Venus, and since Lucifer is a mistranslation of a Venus reference in the Hebrew bible, it makes sense that they’re conflated.

However, one of E.A.'s incantations taught to him by the spirits is an incantation to summon any spirit.

“Etsel Mala’kel

Test’zel Sam’tan’el

Itz Retz Nama’tel

Itz Hel Asta’Rel

Kama’Kala, Kama’Kala

Kama’Kala Satan’el

(Spirit) Kama

(Spirit) Kala

(Spirit), Kama’Kala Vel.

Me Vaskalla

Me Solvalla

Me Res’Alla Ah’tan’tel

(Repeat several times, as a conjuration of any spirit)

So, that might work. Otherwise, I’m not too skilled at Evocation to be able to evoke without a sigil.

Look to the lore - no pentagrams or chants used, just a grove or later, a carved wooden post (evocation bases can be, and traditionally were, representations, not incense smoke alone and least of all, a triangle with names incribed).

Evocation generally means to call forth to tangible interactive presence, outside oneself (so, not invocation or possession), and those things will do that just fine - for all the classical gods of the European & Mediterranean basin, not just the northern European gods.

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Thank you Eva you have been very helpful to me with our chats… :slight_smile:

Here is what you do. Draw a “Hexegram” and then in or Around the Hexagram use something that symbolizes Odin. Do not use a 5-pointed Star… but a Hexegram, because for a number of esoteric reasons it represents physical space. Funny enough, the Flag of Israel is a Hexegram even though it was originally an adopted Germanic Pagan symbol.

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Interesting - I was told to use a hexagonal black shape a while ago for demons, I posted about that here - did you mean that kind of solid shape, or a hexagram like 2 triangles (or even the unicursal type)?


The Hexagram is more than just a mere Hexagram.

You have theories on dimensions up to 11 Dimensions (and above depending on how you perceive things). The first dimension is “a Point” of Consciousness. The 2nd dimension is connecting one point of consciousness to another… where you could take a small bit of Data and draw a “line” (2d depiction of a Hexagram) from one point to another.

A Hexegram then attains a 3+ Dimensional perspective when you realize that it is a Hypercube… you can draw referrence to the latest “Tron” movie where you may notice that in the virtual dimension the peoples bodies are composed of “Bits/Pixelated Atoms” of miniature cubes.

A Hypercube can also be seen as a “Hyper-Sphere” which is a 3D depiction of a Circle as well as The Globe.

2 Triangles (Triangle of Art) form a Hexagram. One represents Masculine Essence and the other Feminine Essence (not necessarily Male and Female, although people tend to perceive things like that in this world) as we all have both Masculine and Feminine Essence. The Hexagram is the meaning of “The Sacred Marriage” of the union between a Man and a Woman… in this case between you and your own personal soul contract.

Masculine Essence is what your energy does when it “changes” while the Feminine Essence are the stabilizers that holds things in place and gives birth to form, so they both play a role as individual aspects (talking about essence) simultaneously as well as 1 Synthesized unit when looking at the entirety of one Being encapsulated within an entire timeline from birth until death, as during that duration things change/evolve along that timeline.

Theres alot of information hidden and/or attached to behind a Hexagram. Understanding what all that stuff is puts into perspective of course how you practice magick and what sort of results you get.

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Cool, we’re on the same page then. Was just checking wrt the evocation base above, I use the triangles as a multi-tool, they can do different things then unite them to change reality. :slight_smile: