Evoking Lucifer

Hi all! Happy New Year!! So I’ve been doing some research lately and I would like to attempt evoking Lucifer. From what I gathered on here, he is very beginner friendly and patient. Which is perfect since this will be my 1st time attempting this. What I’m wondering is if there are any tips or pointers that you all can offer? Also it seems like there is more than one sigil for him and wondering does it matter which I use? Also as far as drawing it, does it have to be…pretty? I’ve drawn sigils before and they look like dookie lol I can’t draw at ALL lol Are there any precautions I should take? Anything to be cautious of? Or anything to watch out for in general? Thank you in advance!!

This is an advice in general but mostly from asenath mason, which applies to all.
You don’t need any artistic skills to make the sigil work, as long it’s by your own hands with your own energy on the act of drawing the sigil.
You just need to have the sigil to observe and meditate on it and it does’nt have to be accurate at all.

Now there is a few options you can do to draw it better even by your own hands if you want to:

Yoy can either print a copy of the sigil and then place the empty paper on top of the printed one to follow the lines.

You can draw it and copy it to another page by just looking and drawing the best you can to copy it.

Or you can even just try working with the sigil by your own drawing for a period amount of time and then try to work with the printed accurate sigil for a period amount of time and then compare the results and see what is right for you and what fits better.

Yet again drawing it by your own hands with your own energy is a better option but still do as you wish.

Oh awesome! Thank you very much!!

Please search this topic on the forum, since there are already real many threads about this. Also, check out the BALG FAQ, since it has much info and many answers you may need (currently or in the future).