Evoking Lucifer


I am planning to evoke lucifer as nothing I have done has worked so far.

I am going to face east in my magick circle

have frankincense incense

have his sigil and call his enn

will this work?


Sure! Not that you need anything to summon him…
If you want to be able to hear or feel spirits, you first need to open your astral senses!


Frankincense is a generic incense, always appropriate, but in this case it’s also related to 2 of Lucifer’s possible planetary correspondences: Mercury and Moon (the other one being Venus). East is correct too, and in particular is the direction connected to Mercury.


Use coral resin incense. It works better. You should invoke Lucifer and ask how to evoke him.


Whats the easiest way to do that?


I personally think invoking is harder lol.

Anyway, back on topic…

I’d recommend lavender for Lucifer. The energy I have felt from him previously was very calming.


I’ll give you a link to a video that can help you invoke Lucifer.


Here you go!


Has anyone visited one of his temples in the ether? You can be better served by forming a relationships with his caregivers and priests. At least its more honest then being a false image of speaking to him directly.


What do I do with that video? Do I just listen to it?


@Validity Yes, while you’re alone and in a place where you won’t be disturbed with headphones.


Nothing happened.

Tried it once and nothing happened then I put it on loop while I was sleeping and nothing happened once again.


Sometimes nothing will happen sometimes you wont hear, feel, or see anything. This has happened to me. You just have to know or believe that he was there listebing to you. Ask him to help you open your astral senses. Dont give up and start practicing more.