Evoking lucifer

its my first real evokation. Been mostly candle magic before now. Iv done a lot of reading and wanted to know if there’s anything else I should know. Mabey there’s something not in the books. Is there anything anyone want to say anything before I go in?


expect for your life to change. drastically.


in a good way? Honestly even in a bad way is OK RN im so goddamn bored. From what I heard he likes to burn down your life and rebuild a better one from the ashes? Is this true?


that is exactly what i am referring to.


for me it was more like tearing down my temple and rebuilding it. but he was teaching me about chakras. so maybe thats a difference.

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Really my only warning is if you cannot handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. Other than that the is a powerful ally and I recommend him for you specific needs and wants. Enjoy the power and knowledge having a relationship with him comes with, brother/sister.


Have faith in yourself, don’t accept “it was a lesson” or other similar bullshit, from any spirit, and remember YOU are the focal point of your own creation.

And have fun, I remember the excitement of my first time doing various things, take all the notes you can because you’ll look back on this one day with happiness and awe.

Unless you end up in a lunatic asylum, or dead, of course! :stuck_out_tongue:


@dominus Lucifer has reached out to me in the past.

Words that come to mind about Lucifer’s personality from that encounter?

Powerful, yet accommodating. Thoughtful. Patient. Kind. Balanced. He is a real leader for sure.

Blessed Be!