Evoking Lucifer first time, did I do something wrong



That is extremely eye opening. Thank you :blush:


During the evocation and after the evocation ritual for Lucifer to this very moment, I’ve felt a noticeable “weight” on my back, especially in these exact spots marked here: image

I don’t know what it exactly means, but I’ve been feeling it since the day I evoked Lucifer, it is similar as your weight on your chest, except the feelings that you get from it. You’re not the only one!


you went all out like really wow im imppressed congrates so having heavy emotions is commen?


My first time with Lucifer, I did sleep deprivation for 30 plus hour. When I felt like falling asleep, I just lay down on my sofa in my living room, no candles, no incense or any tools, just his sigil. I started to meditate then slowly started to slip into the “Theta State.” Less that 5 mins, Lucifer appear in my living room as a chair. He then scooped my energy body up in his lap/seat and then shuttle me around the room as I speak to him.
So what I’m saying is, all those tools and “pre-paration” you did, is not really necessary. In my experience with Lucifer anyway. And I’m not a pro as most magickian on BALG are. That’s my two cents.


:heart_eyes: am jealous…


It’s not necessary but it definitely helps for the first time and I wanted to create the atmosphere of a lover so that he would manifest in kind, I didn’t want to project my Christian based fears and this was the way I went about it.
Honestly he manifests to me while I’m driving sometimes. I just needed the first time to be done in that way.