Evoking Loa western style?

I’ve always wondered if it’s possible to use the Loa’s veves as sigils and evoke them like we evoke any other spirit or is their method of evocation strictly grounded in the Vodun, Santeria, and other diaspora paths?


I’ve done it and it’s worked

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However I’ve noticed even thinking about a loa such as Baron samedhi, will bring them closer. Saying their name just once seems to gain their attention as well. Which doesn’t surprise me as the loa have very close and powerful ties to this earth.

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[quote=“Nightingale, post:2, topic:9445”]I’ve done it and it’s worked[/quote] I’ve been contemplating this for some time. My plan is to start off evoking them and invoking them in the western sense and over time adding and incorporating elements from the tradition until I am evoking them in the traditional Vodun method.

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Makes sense

i was wondering the same thing if i just draw the veve then circle it then charge it then chant would that work?
has any one tried. and it work?