Evoking Lilith

I want to evoke her to help me with problems with my love life. Will she help me?

What kind of offerings does she like?

Has anyone here worked with her to help with their love issues?
What has your experience been with her?
Please share.

Have you tried using the search function?

There are a considerable number of threads on Lilith that describe people’s experiences with her as well as the kind of offerings she likes.

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So much so, that her 3 other sisters seem to be overlooked. Eisheth Zenununim, Namaah, and Agerath. I believe they deserve some attention too


You should change your profile pic to the magnifying glass. As often as you give that advice. :grin: lol

It really is great advice though.

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Yeah I read a bit. Some people also wrote she is dangerous and beginners shouldn’t work with her.
Another person wrote that she destroyed their love life. So Idk

Go with what you feel is right

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Ok :slight_smile:


I haven’t asked for anything related to love life but she’s helped immensely with self love and healing. As for offerings I’ve given red wine and chocolates as well as things like sweet fruits or just lighting a red candle for her.

Regarding what you heard of her being “dangerous”, I guess any could be if you’re blatantly disrespectful or something. She was one of the first I approached and I mainly focus on her now for building a stronger bond. Never felt any hostility from her at all personally.


Red wine, fruits, leaves etc. A beautiful and wise spirit - I would have no fear in invoking as long as your intentions are pure.

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