Evoking Lilith to Physical Manifestation

I smoked a lot of highly concentrated weed, almost half a cartridge so i decided to meditate for about an hour with good progress, not letting a single thought or image entering my mind.

I decided i wanted to see Lilith

I let my bath run with warm water and enter it in complete darkness, there might have been a little light seeping through but it was very dark nonetheless

I mediate for 10 minutes with the intent to see her, seeing all kinds of colors dance and undulate

I call out to Lilith

I say “Lilith come to me”

I open my eyes slowly and begin to scry into the water

i begin to see colors from my mind project onto the water

I try to keep my eyes still making sure they move as little as possible and begin to see dark shapes form

I sit there for 35 min and i see things moving in the water

undine begin to form and swim around me

I structure the most beautiful woman in my mind, perfect for Lilith

I then structure the image on the astral, solidify it

then the bring the image into the real world, the process must me seamless

and i breathed life to her image by saying the words AH from my Ze’al chakra with serious conviction

my mind went blank

i don’t remember how it happened but i remember waking up and not seeing LiIlith anywhere

disappointed, i look face down with my head in defeat, i couldn’t do it.

I was really upset and was just staring down my bath half criss-crossed, arm over right knee with my arms and legs in sight.

i stared at my arm for the longest time, when i noticed something behind me

i didn’t look

so i kept staring at my arm for some time, hoping she would come.

i was about to give up, but my intuition led me to just stare at my arm.

i saw my aura over it and it began to undulate.

i held my vision firm not moving my eye once

and one of my most intimate moments in my life

a dark arm arose from my arm, the feeing was unlike anything i’ve ever felt so to see something so real emanate from me was incredible

i didn’t want to move, i was scared that her image would dissipate but i believed in myself and looked up

I saw her

I saw Lilith

she flew from behind me and turned around…she was naked. i couldn’t see her eyes. she had small tits and had a bangin’ body, i saw that ass from front yo

she floated in front of me slowly making her way towards me, you wouldn’t believe the emotions running through me, it was like a dream, a dream come true ofc haha



I thought you meant something else with your title.

Yeah, it’s incredible. You should try it with their 3d selves or when someone is housing them for awhile during intimate moments.

I can’t explain how it feels or how it Awakens your human abilities.

wym by this

I mean when their avatar takes the part of themselves attached to you inside themselves. Reunited.

I have experienced it with Lucifer’s avatars. It’s super rare. I don’t think anyone else experienced before? Or I haven’t heard from anyone else.

I have spelt with every kind of magical practicer, deity, demigod I could find. They each carry different modes, codes and energy I have been able to tap into.

Lucifer is always there too. We are a packaged deal. Watching. Waiting. I have spelt with a different god while Lucifer’s golden hue is mixed with theirs on their outer aura. The blending only lasts for few moments.

My life is odd one. I am odd. And unfamiliar to everyone it seems.

maybe we have just worded differently, but done in the same fashion.

the taking in themselves happens during intercourse right

Lilith has been with me all my life and feel a connection to her like no other, and feel reunited when im with her

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