Evoking Ladilok

I am going to evoke ladilok this evening. I have gone through all the suggestions but quiet varied.
What items do I need and it’s the time appriopriate. Can someone help me do it

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All you need is her seal. Nothing else is required, though also opening the square to her kingdom can help to make a stronger connection. The only appropriate time is whenever you want to.

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How do I open the sqaure to her kingdom
Do I need the protective circle ?

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You would open the square in the same way you would open her seal.

You can use the circle and triangle from the grimoire if you want to but it isn’t completely necessary unless you are working the system as written.

I have one of EA’s Universal Circles that I use for all spirits, including those from Kingdoms of Flame.

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Hi @DarkestKnight

Here we go again. You might be thinking I ask too many questions. Can you please tell me more about universal circle? Where do i get it from? Also do you always need to make a circle?

Presently, I am planning to start a Master Curse from Magickal attack book from Gordon Winterfield, which doesn’t mention about any circles for the ritual.

I have done some research and found that it has been one of the most effective Curses for many. Any take on this?

Should i get the universal circle or I am thinking too much about gathering stuff and get the job done with full sincerity? You constructive feedback will be appreciated. :slight_smile:


The universal circle is sold by BALG. You dont need it.

You can use any type of circle you want. Circles are for you. They center you in Eternity. They do not protect you from. The spirit.

Don’t compare evoking a spirit from Kingdoms of Flame with the methodology of the Gallery of Magick. They do things differently than the majority of us here do.


Thanks @DarkestKnight

Presently, I am working with gallery of Magick books for that I believe i don’t need to use any circle. But i just saw E.A’s 8 sets of books in good bundle deal on Amazon. I will buy it next month.

For now, can I work without circle for my Ritual? All the books that I have presently doesn’t talk about any circles.

I have ordered “Demons of Magick” yesterday they might have something about circles.

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I just told you not to confuse methods.

Traditional evocation uses a circle.

If you are working the GoM stuff, great, but do not get it confused with what we talk about on the forum. They are not the same.

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