Evoking Ladilok

Well it was t a full out evocation i used her sigil then started fire scrying. I used everear florida water steak blood and semen in the the mixture to set on fire. I looked in the flame got in gama sync then gazed into her sigil. I had a pen and paper with questions. I was amazed at tge connection that i had to her so fast. She said so much it was hard for me to write it all. I asked her about an idea i had for a spell with her. She said evocation of her will always bring the best results. She said some other things about offerings but thats to be kept between her and i. She said sonething about taking care of yourself. Like a beautiful flower if you water it will blossom. If you dont it will wilt and die. Pretty much to take care of yourself by eating right going to the gym. Dressing nice. Because it makes her job that much easier. She said that it gives her great pleasure to serve us as living gods. Bring us the wimen of our choice as our play things. Sorry ti the fellow women magicians on this board. Im just saying what she said. But i have an idea that i want to ask her. If it works and she gives me permision ill tell you all about it. Ive been opening sigils mostly just because of the tine constraint that i have. Im amazed at how fast I got results. This is so awesome. Thank you E.A. Koetting


Please let us know how She helped you in your specific request.

Glad to hear you made contact.
Iā€™d love to hear about how you work with her in the future and how it worked out.
I charged her sigil along with a candle spell but no results yet.
Keep us posted.

I used her sigil once and then I decided I didnt want the girl afterwards but as soon as we made eye contact she seemed to think God brought us into each others lives lol.