Evoking King Paimon For a Newly Magician

Im just done I tried to evoke King Paimon, I’ve been watching this forum for over a year and everytime when I’m back at Iraq Kurdistan I get the feeling to evoke King Paimon but somehow everything I skip it. So today after a week battle within me to do it or not I did it but not according the original way.
Tonight at 3 AM I was brushing my teeth and been thinking about this King Paimon all week I heared a voice in my head saying my name or something loud and clearly. I went looking for a person but found no one around me lol, freaked me out a lilbit then I looked at the mirror of the bathroom again and knew it may be King Paimon or something?
It is now 4 AM I laid down in bed turned some relaxing meditation music on and Looked at the sigil of King Paimon and saw the circles dissapear and become another color. The problem was I saw it dissapear and reappear over and over again. Then I started to enchant his Enn and started to feel very relaxed and the air felt thicker and my heartbeat went low.
Then I talked to him in my mind through telepathy and asked him what I wanted and that I be a great student if he accept me and that I apologied there was no offering but since Im on holiday I wanted to give this a try. Now while I was talking in my mind to him The internet turned off and later back on again what I found very weird. But I did not get any reply from him but I really feel something draw me very hard to him I do not know what that is.
I also told him I have no interest in love or curse etc spells and are extremely motivated to get the gifts I asked him for. When I asked him if he can teach me and allow me as his student I heared myself saying I will think about it as he doubted it. Was that me or him? Was he even there? Does he hear me when I call out King Paimon?

Greetings and much love guys.


He hears you, and I believe that you have contacted him successfully. His name was in your head for a reason, and you feel drawn to him for a reason. Also, the technical interferences could definitely be a sign, too. Speaking from my own experiences with him: He didn’t say he would think about it as in ”hmmm, not sure if you’re good enough“, but as in: ”prove your dedication first“ and that doesn’t mean to worship him, but to stay open and focused and be willing to learn. Keep in contact with him, even thinking about him will help you. You can always talk to him as long as it’s sincere and respectful. He is a wonderful spirit who is always true to his word, but he doesn’t give his word lightly. I wish you lots of success working with him, if you decide to do so. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind reply! I will keep him in mind all day and try to contact him over and over again.


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