Evoking King Belial and King Lucifer at the same time

I’m planning to do a multiple evocation with king Belial and King Lucifer simultaneously. I intend to fight and heal a very aggressive illness that is trying to kill a beloved family member. What are the experiences of people in this forum working with these entities at multiple evocation?

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If you’re using them for specific reasons (each for a specific reason), then it shouldn’t be an issue. Friendly tip is that if you’re evoking many and are running out of energy, simply ask one you have evoked to call another for you. If you’re on decent terms and they know you’ve put the effort in, its unlikely that they will refuse, from my experience.

When I first started evoking, I had a ritual where I wanted to use four different Goetics for specific parts and ALSO do a ritual with my own energy. Well, I ran out of steam on my third and I looked at Belial and said, will you call the other? He did, because I had made a sincere effort and each of them was for a specific purpose.