Evoking Jaodablaoth son of chaos, gnostic Demiurg

Did enyone here ever try to evoke Jaodablaoth son of chaos the gnostic Demiurge also known as Sakalas,Jao, or Aeon?Same question for evoking Abraxas.In gnosticism he was known as son of Sophia and desinger of the world, also demonic mad god who put Adam and Eve into Eden and isolating them from truth and knowlage of three of knowlage and eternal life.Also he was called Samael the blid god who think is only god, that was gnostic perspective.What do you think and did you ever try to evoke him or other gnostic beings?

I think this guy is probaby another face of yaweh, so if I’m right, then yeah weve met.

and what was your experience.

Just to note that it would be cool evoking Jahveh in the name of Azazel and Samael

Too make a long story short due to conflicting ideals the direction the world should go, we didn’t get along. To me he looked sort of like a giant monster angler fish.