Evoking/invoking people

That’s Necromancy.


Yes it is, and I’m pretty sure it is already being done by some. Ever wonder where some of the new tech we come out with comes from?


Not really.


Thanks for the info.

Did you do a search of the forum before opening this thread? The topic of evoking living people has been asked and answered a lot on this forum,

As for whether it is possible, yes, it is. In fact, in one of the later Flames of the OAA you are required to do just that, and evoke EA to receive the Flame.

As to what the EA you will encounter “is,” I leave that to theorists. According to what EA has said of the subject, if I remember correctly, he can feel when he is being evoked, and that it seems like part of him is “missing.”

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I didn’t search the forum, deal with it. I know it is possible to invoke/evoke a living person.

I actually do this quite often but not quite in the normal way of evocation… how I do it is I get into a meditative state and

I imagine my self in a room that’s my ideal evocation setting and imagine a circle around me and candles and I just “come spirit of person” ect ect

I know it works because before when I was still iffy on magic, I did this to a friend that is awakened Called on her spirit and I quote “my middle name is rose” a few days later asked about it and she said she just really likes roses.

I also use it quite often to send energy to people.

you would not get much from Tesla because his thought would be scattered