Evoking in Christian household

Quick question guys. I’ve never tried anything but quick communication with a sigil and pendulum in the house. I live with people who are religious but it’s cold af outside and I’m convinced if I wait until everyone’s asleep I could do an evocation in the living room.

They’re nosey anyway and the only other place is outside in the shed but it’s got a window so ofc I’ll be hassled.

Would evoking in the house anger any spirits ? I’m also worried about them pestering others tbh


it shouldnt but if your trying to keep it secret you should get a space heater so you can warm up the shed to do it there and bring a blanket for you to sit on

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My mom is super Christian, enough that you can feel it when you walk in her room. Demons still show up in the same house because the ritual area is “spiritually segregated” for lack of a better term.

Also, spirits don’t pester people just for shits and giggles. They respect your rules and stick to the tasks you give them.


:thinking: I evoke in my bathroom! :rofl: in broad daylight… it’s easier to explain candles and burning incense… also having the mirror works for scrying! Don’t know how to work it yet… the only issue is when nature calls but I still feel the energies filling the space… :sweat_smile: sometimes you need privacy…


Ahh. The classic bathroom satanist.


I know the situation all too well. i was living with my mother and our living room looked like a crucifix shop. i had an altar to Saturn (as a deity, not simply planetary worship) (albeit a shitty one because of my lack of knowledge then) and it took her a long time to catch on to what it was, but when she did she took it apart herself and threw away my handpainted cloth, now my 5 and 6 year old brother and sister have nightmares while there and the entire plumbing system has completely shit the bed. so my word of advice. dont do anything you cant explain with christian mysticism or kaballah because they will fall for that shit everytime. and keep it on the DL because backlash could happen. i myself worked around this being a 17 year old at the time and im sure you can!

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same i use the bathroom for my invoking rituals so on so forth its easier that way just lock the door

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