Evoking Hent'yos: Visual Appearance

I recently evoked Hent’yos
Seeing as how there is no description in The BOA as to how Hent’yos appears, I wanted to give my account and have a comparison to what other’s have experienced. Here’s the copy and paste of my encounter from another thread.

“”"this was one of the most energetic evocations I had performed to date. I was closer this time than I have ever been of a full materialization. I was sure it was going to happen. I got vivid outlines, poignant mental impressions of the spirits appearance, and a few times the incense started to “fill-in” the perceived outline. Almost as if the vapors were settling into and filling out an unseen glass shell - then it would re-disperse before me.

In The BOA, EA gives no description as to the appearance of Hent’yos. I would be interested in hearing how Hent’yos has appeared to others so far.

The image I got was a tall and slender black figure. A very tight fitting hooded outfit. Almost a sexy sorceress shape with a fragile feminine feel to it, but a masculine energy and hold. Almost like what you get from a fun sexy gay boy. Know what I’m saying? Like, they get that sexy feminine appearance going but it’s definitely a dude. Kinda like that. The skirt of the mock started to flair at about 3/4th the way down from the shins, continuing on out, flowing and slithering across the surface of the floor. I am definitely interested in hearing how Hent’yos appears to others though, so please, if you get around to working with Hent’yos. Defectron, I know you’ve worked with Hent’yos. How does my description compare with what you’ve experienced?"""

I do understand that spirits will often have many forms or specific forms for specific people according to Jungian archtypical symbology. Even so, I guess I’m half looking for confirmation and/or similarities.

On 7/01/12 (I believe) I wrote-
Hentyos is a demon out of E.A. Koetting’s book of Azazel under the house of Anatael. The reason why he was the first spirit to work with is because yesterday while having the book next to me, something, moved on a page and flashed briefly. When I looked down, I saw Hentyos. Hentyos creates great changes in people’s mental issues and deconstruct and resolve negative situations by increasing the souls vibrational rate. I figure I could consult him over such things.

When I called called him was early this morning (during a bad thunderstorm outside, very dramatic) which lasted from 6:18am to 6:48am; 38 minutes. I didn’t have a traditional circle of pacts but rather drew in chalk the horned triangle with the three circles on it and placed in on the floor so my kitchen chair could be placed over it and faced East so I could write the conversation on my kitchen table. I didn’t have 4 black candles but used 2 red candles and placed my black skull censor in from of me before lighting the incense.
I want to make clear hear that I didn’t intentionally go into this set up haphazardly but rather used whatever elements that were available. In fact I was inspired to use one of the cardboard planks by the same force that had something flash on the spirit’s page.
I guess the spirits don’t care for such an approach so as long as you either intend to make it formal eventually which only plays a part in strengthening your bond with them.

My throat was dry and so I drank 2 swallows of water and took a few breaths to focus myself before sitting in my chair of the ‘triangle of pacts’.

I opened using the incantation: ALASH TAD AL-ASH TAL ASHTU. I said the words aloud and repeated the mantra over and over again. While doing this, I saw a vision that I was somewhere underground where there were huge tree roots and my voice carried there. The second vision was that of a man, black shadow man with my face and a fluid-like blue aura around him standing 300 ft from my door at the corner in the rain. Then I heard a car horn outside, neighbor’s foot traffic before hearing a few knocks inside of my kitchen freezer. I repeated the incantation until I felt the urge to stop and look at the sigil.

I called the spirit’s name (mentally of course because it was early in the morning and I didn’t want to further the chance of confirming that my neighbor’s share house with a diabolist. Anyway, I called the spirit’s name a few times and heard him/her/it address me. And then I looked into the incense smoke and saw a 9 ft. green fish man. He had on red and white striped tank top and huge muscular arms with the head of a fish like a bass. The only thing was he had six eyes. And he was sitting on something in the dark mouth of a underground cavern. While talking to him, there were black things like tadpoles or something that was swirling in the back ground. I couldn’t tell what they were but the moment I had noticed them, my legs, back and head began to sweat but it was 80 degrees in my apartment.

The spirit was honest and respectful but found that as the communication went on, so much was happening that I had to stop writing to continue on… There was a moment lasting five minutes where it felt like my brain was in a bottle of water and it was hard to really gather my thoughts but it passed. Interestingly enough, the presence from the spirit or a side effect of the whole experience produced such a pressure on or in my stomach as if the water that I had drunk solidified and it felt like my stomach was going to burst. I had to thank the spirit and end the session by repeating the words that had allow me to gain access.

Fascinating. I wonder if the reason why EA did not include a physical description of Hent’yos was because he shifted forms?

Have you guys caught the resemblance to Oannes…the fish being that came out of the waters during the day to teach mankind all sorts of knowledge…and he never ate during the day with man…and then returned at night to the sea…the Chaldean account of Genesis by George Smith is a great place to find this being as well as other beings that sound very similar…This is very interesting.


@ DKM & AZAZYM: Y’know, it seems to me that ALL Daemons must have the ability to change their appearance … and I can certainly see why most take on a specific image that matches their Self-Image, as well as how they wish to be perceived. Makes me wonder at the ones like Dantalion and now possibly Hent’yos choosing to be overt ‘shapeshifters’ and what they’re conveying to us about themselves … :wink: Z

the second encounter with Hent’yos, he took another shape (a knock in my freezer box just happened; probably it’s him telling me to be careful) but the second encounter, the only consistency was the 6 to 7 eyes.

Hent’yos is definitely a powerful entity. Perhaps the appearance also has some to do with the maturity of the magicians astral vision. Because I am still working on my spiritual faculties, Hent’yos defaulted to a more “outline-ish” representation of his essence. Perhaps that very symbolism that is portrayed in his living color 3D version with 6-8 eyes is concurrent with the archetype of the 2D outlined shadow of a drag queen sorceress. Meaning to say, the form chosen may be dependant upon what the archetypes and symbols are that are capable of being perceived by the magician according to his spiritual and, dare I say intellectual, capabilities.

I’ve noticed that when evoking any spiritual being that everything they do Is an act of communication even the forms with which they reveal themselves to us in. From my personal opinion learning to see things from that angle has taught me to read between the lines with them as in trying to take note of everything the say AND do. As well as their appearance because it all conveys a message.

coincides with most dreams given and they are mostly in symbolism, neat.

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Of course…I was most certainly offended…

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LOL>>>>>>>>nothing offends me…but I can get mad…ha.

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LOL>>>>>>>>nothing offends me…but I can get mad…ha.

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But Maxx, you already ARE mad; delightfully twisted, in fact! Just give me a ‘heads up’ if you ever decide to get even! :wink: Z[/quote]

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I evoked Hent’yos recently. The impression I got was similar to DK’s, but with the color red. Also, I was using a candle during the evocation and it kept flaring up - like a kid’s firework sparkler or something. Very energetic.

two independent magicians I asked about the appearance of Hent’yos both told me they saw him appear with a beard and longer, well groomed hair, and his appearance was very neat…they had not talked with each other about it…and he was well groomed. The reason I asked about this was AFTER I called Hent’yos and in my communication with him, I saw him appear with a human body but had a head of a Lion…this I could not explain right off so I asked the two above magicians what they found… Their answer came back with the reasoning is that the attack that will be used by Hent’yos, he is showing me that it will be like the king of the jungle, silent, stealth, and consuming and will turn everything upside down. This certainly makes sense. Then Ant’harratu commented saying that the targets, which were three, will not even know or understand what happened to them as it will be like lightening striking them and out of nowplace is it even expected. A complete and total operation by the spirit. And this also came as confirmation…so it appears that this being certainly loves to show different appearances for the one evoking Hent’yos.