Evoking Hecate

Over the years I have done a lot of work with Hecate mainly involving invocation. I have felt this deep connection with her since my very first ritual. Since I’ve started working with her which has been a span of 5 years now there has been a few things she taught me that I wanted to share with you guys and gals. She taught me the significance of owning live familiars and how they can interact with you in your dreams and the astral plane. The lore about witches is somewhat true when it comes to owning odd pets like toads and spiders and things along the line of that. For instance if my tarantula (scrambles) bites me in my dream i’m going to be ill, or if he appears without any injury to me I have to look out for danger or if I dream about him molting im in a stage of rebirth. So on and so on lol. Anyways the point is that she taught me how to interpret these dreams through the process of evocation and taught me the importance of familiars. Besides her teaching me how to work with familiars she really is a master in designing baneful curses. She is truly amazing and very knowledgeable of to many things to count. In my experience with her she appears as a beautiful women of Greek decent with piercing blue eyes. Seeing her she is always shrouded in darkness or fog and she has somewhat of an musical tone to her voice. It’s hard to fight obsession when you see something so beautiful but I believe that is the true test when bringing her into your life.

Sorry for the typos, ughh I’m really hung over and foggy from yesterday lol!



I love Her, and at times it’s like She is playing a game with me. How long can I stand in the presence of such hypnotic beauty and not succumb to Her wiles? There is more to Her beauty than just a physical look, She resonates with a seductive confidence and an otherworldly power.

High five to another Hecate lover! Keep up the good work.

Yeah dude I completely understand where your coming from my friend. I absolutely love her with all that I am. She will definitely draw you in if you allow her to. Once you see past that and level with her omnipotent self to omnipotent self the game changes. Overcoming the carnal desires for her, she allowed me to see aspects of herself that isn’t known to many people out there. She appeared to me so seductively because she wanted to teach me how to control my impulses. God’s are not controlled by impulse and if I was to become a living God I would have to master that aspect of myself. I am forever thankful to her for helping me through that dark time in my life and I am grateful to know her for who she truly is. The Torch Bearer, who led me down the path of enlightenment and the awakening of my Godself.

Hail Hecate

That is the test to your weakness…
The craving of the Flesh.
Once you are past that, uii…things get a load more interesting.

Indeed, thank you Steve. You clarified something for me…or rather crystallized it into a tangible concept. She is indeed one of the most beautiful manifestations of power.