Evoking Hades

Oof ok so my friend has been feeling hades is a good deity to work with and she’s connected with him a few times in the past but its usually been brief (from my understanding). She wants to evoke him now so they can have a real conversation but since she’s not on the site, I told her I’d help out- any ideas/suggestions on how to go about this?

Done it A couple times. Pm Me?

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Hades sounds marvellous. Definitively is a must :sun_with_face:

How did this turn out?

The Experience with Hades is great. Its to be called as guardian of the West in the magic circle. He is friendly and brings a strong aura of royalty. He empowers dark works and strengstens the magical powers of the mage.


I Would Suggest, Evoking During More Nightime Hours, Since Thats Usually His More Orso Time, And If You Cant Reach Him Try Alecto, Shes One Of The Furies His Personal Assitant So To Speak. And Ask If He Is Available.

“King Of Shadows, Lord Of Wealth, I Evoke Hades Of The Underworld”

Best Of Luck!