Evoking Gods

I was just wandering if it is necessary to say the gods enn when you are evoking,invoking or summoning gods.

When you say “god” are you referring to demons, or godforms, like Odin or Zeus?

I ask because enns are specific to demons only.


Gods dont have enns, this has come up in few topics recently but demonic enns are a fairly recent practice on the whole.

A hymn or prayer to the god you want to worm with could be modified to be geared toward evocation, sometimes thats not nessasary, but that is up to yiur discretion.


No to me the demons are not demons. To me they are gods.


Necessary? No but it is helpful

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If you feel like it will help you achieve better results, use it.


Not necessary of coarse but it helps and has power. So it’s better to use it.