Evoking Fulcaneli/ Thoth/ St. Germain/ King Solomon

Is there any chance if i evoke one of a above they reveal me Secret of transmutation minor metals to Gold?? Or this is rather imposibruuuu

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Can demons teach us to turn things into gold; Is there a chance you’ll ever see what a daft question this is… Guess there’s some things we’ll never know.

There is some historic evidence that proofs people done this before. So well actually i think its possible. On our level of modern chemistry or pshisics is too low for that. We people dont understand gravity, nuclear bondings etc.

From Modern Times if i remember right caestaneda wrote about biologist that after some rituals with ayuheusca (bio) saw a scheme of some New type of molecule. And boom after some research in laboratory eveeything fits exactly.

So yea i think they have or our consciousnes have this informations. But is it possible to know or get reaveled?

Evoking “thot”?

You want the “ho” to be your gold-digger? Very confused. :thinking:


It will dig those golds just for him.

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Ohhh sorry for that. I think of Hermes think it better now

I got you.

Pardon? Dont get it

Your badly typed topic title made this topic look like it was either a joke or about evoking memetic archetypes of a certain kind of woman. @Sovereign fixed the spelling then I corrected the capitalisation of the letters so you are not disrespecting the ancient god of wisdom and literacy by mis-spelling his name in a manner that conflates him with loose women, and omitting to give him his proper capital T, because in English this kind of oversight is usually a subtle insult.

I can’t help you with the rest but you may want to examine whether being sloppy and thereby, disrespectful without meaning to be is holding you back in life.


No chance what so ever. Turing base metal into gold? Some of the ancient world’s most famous magicians did indeed believe lead could be turned into gold, and several of them tried desperately to make it happen for hundreds of years. Long before modern science became known, many magicians were fascinated by alchemy.

After all, it is no surprise that the alchemists and magus of old failed in their quest, since the very idea of alchemy contradicts the basic laws of chemistry and physics.

But… Maybe if you focus hard and chant your wish might come true, turning that old copper wire or pipe into solid gold.