Evoking for the first time tomorrow night!

I’m going to invoke Bune tomorrow night to help me with getting a job. I was going to do it tonight, but I was feeling too anxious and in a bad headspace - which is unfortunate, because tonight is the full moon. I made a post about a week ago talking about how I was terrified of demons and, after doing some research, I’ve found that this fear is largely unfounded and based on misconceptions about the demonic race. Still, though, I’m somewhat worried…

Haha, I feel so lame. But I’ll make sure to give the demon the full respect I have for them and be polite.


Good luck my man.


I wish you luck! I totally relate to the whole “uncertainty” thing from not really knowing them as they truly are. It is going to be an amazing experience for you and seems like a healing one too! Let us know how it turns out! :+1:


Good luck! I have only summoned the Duchess and she has been very loving! I wish you an experience similar to mine and a lot of good luck for the job!

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good luck

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…Bune is a kind and gentle spirit that’s helped me in many areas financially and with abundance in general.

She comes to me as a woman so I’ll refer to her as such here. She may come to you as a man or woman, so keep that in mind. Don’t be afraid or worried, trust in yourself, have faith in your work and everything will work out fine.

Please come back and update us and good luck :bouquet:

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I ended up doing the ritual last night because I was reading on the forum about Bune and she seemed to be a very kind spirit. It seemed she was telling me not to wait about the ritual and that there was no reason to worry.
I evoked her presence after putting out some offerings of tangerines, cured meat, honey, and sandalwood. I kept having intrusive thoughts that I had to push away while trying to meditate (that happens often) but she was very understanding and patient with me when she arrived. It seemed when she was there, there was a soothing aura in the air that I couldn’t describe. I used a pendulum to communicate with her which responded very clearly to her presence. I asked her if she sent me those reassurances earlier and she said yes.
I asked if it would be rude of me to ask for assistance so soon and if I should come back another time and she gave me a resounding no. She assured me she would help me in my job search. There was more to the conversation but I won’t go into all of it.

It was just a great experience all around and has helped nullify my fear greatly. I put my trust in her and I’m sure my request will manifest soon.