Evoking Eternity vs Works of Darkness


I’m wondering which evocation technique is best. I have Evoking Eternity and plan on putting it to use in the near future. I’ve also read, but do not have a copy of Works of Darkness and it has a chapter on evocation. Now, the evocation in WoD is, in my opinion, far more practical than in Evoking Eternity (not to say Evoking Eternity isn’t practical, it is but the method in WoD requires much less preparation).

As of this moment I’m only interested in evoking demons. I will get to angels, planetary spirits & intelligences, elemental spirits, etc after I’ve achieved my goal which I would prefer to work with a demon on. Now, my question is this: which evocation method is best? WoD utilizes a scrying mirror which is my preferred method due to my living conditions (college student living at home) while Evoking Eternity is a physical manifestation and I haven’t figured out how to modify it yet to utilize a scrying mirror rather than incense.

Also, Evoking Eternity says it’s ritual can be used to summon any spirit in existence to appearance whereas WoD seems to be only geared towards demons. Would it be possible to utilize the method in WoD to evoke other spirits than just demons or is it exclusive to demonic entities only?




Just stay with EE and use a scrying mirror in place of incense smoke. The physical circle, or mandala, the physical triangle, the invocation of omnipotence, the banishing, the consecration of the tools with every ritual, the consecration of the sigil; these are all things you’ll want, especially as a novie. Don’t even think of cutting corners. Following EE will give you a better chance than will the simplified system in WOD. And don’t talk about practicality here. You aren’t going to find a more elegant and practical ritual than the one in EE. The reason BOA is more simple, I think, is because it’s a book for the adept, not the novice.


Thanks guys. The answers were very helpful.