Evoking Eternity ritual help

Hi i want to do the Azazel evocation from E.A. Koetting book " evoking eternity". Since he does not mention it in the book i would like to know what kind of magic circle and the manifestation triangle to use. Please let me know if its a simple circle or something more in detailed and also that information about the triangle. Also can i use dittany of crete for the incense smoke. I also have been wondering when he says you have to have a temple what does that mean. I can’t use just a room in my house? in one of the parks next to me there is this like stone entrance and it’s pretty big is that ok to use it for the ritual. I mean is it ok to go at night and consecrate the space and do the ritual and then if people go in it during the day is it ok if i just consecrate the space every time i go or do i have to find a space where it’s just me that goes there? if it’s just me that is supposed to go there then the only way its to rent a storage unit so would that be ok?.

He has also said in the book that even if you don’t see him to finish the ritual because the demon is always there and for sure will follow you waiting for you to give him the direction. so if i do the ritual and i still don’t see him can i still tell him what i am asking of him since he will still be there or i actually have to see him before i ask anything?
If someone actually evoked Azazel please let me know what the steps are. Also let me know if you have any experience evoking any other demon.

Ok a lot to cover here,
The circle can be a large piece of fabric with a circle drawn on it,but it could benefit you to write Azazel’s name around the circle like you see in Goetic sigils.If you don’t know what they look like google it and you’ll see what I mean.
As far as your temple,I use a room in my house and it works just fine,but if you can get to a cave like enviroment that would work better as the rock holds energy.When it warms up where I live that’s what me and my friend are going to do,but it’s not necessary.
And no you don’t need to see the entity to give your command.
Just talk to Azazel and the information that comes to your mind realize it is him speaking to you.
I evoked Azazel the other day and channeled a ritual he gave me that took up over two pages of my journal and I couldn’t see him.

Try contacting him before the evocation by writing out 5 questions you want him to answer.
Open his sigil,ask the question and immediately start writing down the information that pops into your head.Write quickly and don’t think about it just receive
Don’t second guess yourself about if the information is coming from Azazel just know that it is.

As far as a triangle I don’t use one,I use the Gateway of Pacts from the Book of Azazel by EA.

Also if you use the cave you can paint the circle and triangle.

I think that covers everything.

Hope this helps!