Evoking Eternity "Fuck Ups"?

I keep reading on this forum that the Leilah Publications edition of Evoking Eternity has errors and “fuck ups” here and there. This is the copy that I have and I’m wondering what exactly they “fucked up” on. Everyone keeps saying that it happened but not giving details. What exactly are the mistakes so I know what not do do. Thanks.

Good question, I too would be very interested about this, this is the edition I have in my possession.

There is a thread here with some comments on the mistakes. I don’t have the Leilah edition of Evoking Eternity so other than the mistake in the words for the banishing I don’t know if there are other mistakes as well.

I checked out that thread and if this is what they mean by “fuck ups” then I think I’ll be fine. I’m thinking it’s something like the methodology itself is mis-worded or something along those lines. If it’s just one name in a banishing or a few sigils here and there I can deal with that.

A note.

Most books on sorcery I’ve read contain blinds, and mistakes. You are developing your inner voice and intuition at the beginning stages of magickal practice. Compare everything you already know with what you are reading. I noticed some inconsistent sigils, Lucifer’s sigil labeled as Satan’s or the order of the tree of life seems backwards according to other books. But nothing that will fuck you up too bad. I’ve also experimented and learned that the chalice does not have to be metal…though I’d much rather own a metal chalice…but a wine glass has done the trick on more than one occasion.

For the first couple of weeks that Leilah released the book, some of the sigils were missing, some were positioned at the bottom of the page, getting cut off halfway, and some were overlayed in the text. There were massive spacing and layout issues. The cover design was shoddy, and not even close to representing what we had originally discussed. All around, he dropped the ball in every aspect. I chalked these up to beginner’s mistakes, but he had similar issues with Ipsissimus. All of this, of course, was prior to them outright refusing to pay me owed royalties, forcing me to file several injunctions to retain the copyrights and force him to cease and desist in marketing, producing, and selling my books.

The Lucifer/Satan sigil was NOT one of these errors, though. That was done entirely on purpose.

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I stand corrected about the Lucifer/Satan sigil.

I believe I have the Leilah edition, but never noticed any of the sigils cut off or anything of that manner. I bought the book from Amazon, last year and believe I have one of the last copies.

Aha, that makes sense EA. I wondered why there was half a sigil at the bottom of a couple of pages! Thanks for the input guys.

Thanks E.A. for clearing it up and thanks to all who answered!