Evoking entities to be visible apparitions?

I was discussing the occult with friends, and one of them asked me if it’s possible to summon spirits that appear as visible apparitions. Would at least be possible to do that with some entities

Yes, I’ve done it unintentionally a couple times. They can sort of do it on their own much like how shadow people are discussed. Granted they won’t just do it because you ask them to.

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Yes it’s possible. But you need to give them a very good reason for it or work on the atmosphere itself to be able to hold their formation. For example, lots of incense smoke in a closed and almost completely dark room, but careful with that one if you have any health issues.

Usually when this is done, the incense corresponds with the spirit. It’s not just any incense, but something they love… that should be enough for them to accept. If you use the wrong incense, you may get an angry spirit and you really don’t want that to appear for you !

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