Evoking Duke Sallos, went wrong

So the title says it, I am not sure if it did go wrong or if it was his way of telling to piss off or showing me his presence.

But anyways, yesterday I evoked King Paimon and I felt him around strongly! Today I did a slightly different approach where I kept the enn of Duke Sallos in my pocket for the whole evening while chanting his enn and going about my life, then at 3;30 am I go to my room, meditate and get into the gamma-theta wave length and then start chanting his enn while I light up 3 white candles and a cinnamon incense, I then light up a cinnamon and apple scented red candle… I did not feel his presence as I was having my eyes closed, then the red candle turns off ( and I thought it was from the fact that it was rather used up ) so I turn it back again, and I had this urge of putting the sigil that I had in my pocket under the red candle. Which I did, 5 minutes later it started burning up and from the sides! not the middle where the heat would be concentrated… Random? His way of telling me he heard what I needed from him before ( two days ago, a tried petitioning him )? His way of telling to piss off? What do you think?

I asked Sallos and I get a sense you are on a journey to something or somewhere you have a vague sense of where you want to go but you aren’t in the driver’s seat. I don’t know if that’s in reference to another person or a spirit that is already taking first place in your life that is driving you.

I also got a sense of not focusing. That could be ritual wise or life wise but it feels lifewise.

I’ll inject my experience with Sallos, he really needs an appropriate romance target or he will bounce and be finicky about showing up. Yes he will let you bask in his awesome energy but if you don’t find a target he will find the closest one/ most accessible one to you inadvertently even if they are taken or he will just leave.

But I do get a sense that he heard you. If anything feels true let that marinate and maybe try again. If it doesn’t feel free to ignore this comment.

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Maybe you just didn’t put the ritual set up together properly , you should put the candles in a different position and keep trying .

I did have a target in mind, in my petition written to him 2 days ago, I felt a slight presence and did not know if it was taken or not, I did have a clear target in mind ( that being my ex ) in the petition I wrote her name, and today I wrote her name and date of birth on the candle. I will try again today with a new set of candles, a cleaner set up. I feel like he is harder to reach than king paimon or Belial ( which I tried afterwards with a live ritual from EA, and man did he hit hard ). Would you be able to ask him if he would be working on my petition or if my offering was satisfying?

I feel like he’s working on in but dude you gotta be patient.

As an opinion on what you just mentioned, you are working with other energies that are different in focus and they all take energy to manifest. Maybe this is what the not focusing is about. It might be best to stick with One goal until you get that checked off don’t have so many other spirits and goals all over the place. If you are working with Belial that tells me you are seeking power, a completely different vibe than Sallos. Your mind might end up all over the place. But this ex isn’t going to end up being your number one goal.

I haven’t been at a crossroads with Sallos before but I have with another spirit where they basically were like “look are you serious about this person or not” when I said no, the rouse was up. If you insist on splitting magical goals then make sure you can carry out your requests and honor all those you are asking to help you equally, aside from your patron.

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Many thanks for the clarification, I know that I need to be patient, I just had no idea if it was done properly as it was my first rite. The ex as of now is my first focus, but I also want to practice, that is why I envoked Belial and King Paimon, my main focus is the ex but I am also able to fulfill my offerings to all of them, and The duke’s offering is the biggest of them all.

But you might be right, it was a stupid idea perhaps to call him for communication, I probably should learn a divination technique to communicate with them, I can not hear or talk to them yet.

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Update: I went to sleep rather late ( 10am in the morning ) and I had a presence that I suspect was Duke Sallos, he showed up in a dark figure with a hood on, his face was dark I couldn’t see anything, He then came to my bedside and sat next to me and put some pressure on my chest I was unable to breath. When I woke up, and for some reason the first thing that came to my mind was Belial and not the Duke, only later on did I remember asking the Duke to come to my dreams.