Evoking demons (demons of magick) need better method

When I was still into magick don’t be confused haha

You don’t have to do strictly five minutes

You don’t absolutely have to chant for that long, but I find it to be a very enjoyable experience.

Yes, magick is very useful, but it can become easy for magick to feel like a chore, instead of an enjoyable time when you have the opportunity to connect with the spirits.

I think that you do need this sort of thing if you want to have more vivid evocations, though.

Instead of complaining about things taking too long, maybe consider how fortunate you are to have discovered all the wonderful magick that others have taken their time to discover and share.


You know, I’ve tried the visionary magick and the authors never state any timeframe to any of the images in the path. Is that how it should be done? Several minutes in each image?

Honest question.

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No. Each image only has to be visualised for a few moments. My statement was referring to how long the entire process of pathworking takes from start to finish, in comparison to evocation.

When I pathwork with Raziel, for example, I’m usually finished within 10 minutes.

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I see.

I’m assuming you’re counting the time it takes you to get into a decent trance, right?

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You don’t even need to get into trance. A light relaxation is all you really need. If you read Raziel’s Paths to Power, or Lucifer and the Hidden Demons, trance isn’t required. It is helpful, but not specifically necessary. I’ve actually found that the elemental images that guide you to the spirits help facilitate trance.


Good one Shinto I’ve been told “stop” “we can hear you” many times and next time I will stop because I trust that many people are experiencing the same thing

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what is a low dose? 0.5 gram? 5 gram?


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Well I did raziel path working

I visualized clear image of dark cave to green forest with waterfall

I called on raziel for 3 minutes

No answer no feeling

I also told raziel to open my psychic sense to communicate with me
(She acc to author or he acc to some people can do these stuff)

14 days passed
No result

I repeated that ritual for 4 days

I am now talking 6 weeks later

I am still fucked up

Same. As lucifer pathworking

Starting from rock strewn desert ending to black scorch tree

Its really nice

These author creativity is mind blowing

Very important : I wasn’t even desperate to call her (jareth)

I don’t even know why I lead such a bs life

@HypnotizeMindz Ok, With or without Harmala aka Syrian Rue?

? never heard of that.

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Yeah bro exactly, problem of that herb is the taste. But if you make resin from it. You don’t have the gross taste

Ahhh… just chew it up, eat it and wash it down with a coca cola bro lol

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Lol, you never made resin out of it.
Try it bro it’s EASY.

throw around 200gr 6 oz in a pan cook it. Multiple time. Adding new water ect… Then separate the liquid from the seeds. Put the liquid in a clear container glass/plastic. Let it stand two days. You will see that the sediment will collect at the bottom. While the top part is the liquid you want. Remove the top part with a tube. By putting the tube inside the liquid and the other end you suck on it (one time) than the liquid gets stucked out because of the vacuum. Then you have the liquid without sediment.
Then you cook/heat up the liquid in a clean pan. Let it cook all the way down. Untill the water transform in a oil like state. Stop cooking now. And let it stand for a few days or a week. Now you have your resin. If you have a scale. Shoot for 1gram to start. This stuff is POTENT. PM I can make a video.

Smear the resin on a joint. Now you have a trippy sticky. Ask juicy jay XD

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I have never tried resin from mushrooms. Sounds good but also a long process man lol. I’d prefer to just chomp on some shrooms, no drink needed. But hey if you make some, send some over bro!! lol

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No not shrooms. Harmala resin made from harmala seeds. if you heat up shrooms the alkaloid psilicobine will get destroyed

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