Evoking demons (demons of magick) need better method

Do you literally need to chant 5 minutes every divine sentence? Takes too long for me please can someone give me a better demonic evocation? I know I ask a lot but I’m rarely active

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First off, if you don’t have the patience to spend the few minutes required for the method in Demons of Magick, then you don’t have the patience for evocation, period.

Second, I’m sorry, but this is just plain lazy. Why should the demons even bother to answer you if you can’t even spend a few minutes to summon them properly?

Demons of Magick is probably one of, if not the, easiest methods around. The Gallery of Magick has done most of the work for you. It doesn’t really get any simpler.

Evocation is an art, and as such it takes time. Time to learn, and time to practice. Why do you think it’s called a working? It is not, and has never been, an instant thing. Some evocations can take upwards of an hour or more to do properly, depending on the system. Before the digital age when everyone has the attention span of a goldfish, magicians would spend days preparing to summon an angel or a demon, and you can’t even spend a few minutes chanting a couple of words?


Weeeeell… they’re traveling through the astral, what you would perceive like millions of kilometers… they need a beacon to arrive on your place. If you don’t do it at least 5 mins, better even, for 10mins, there is a chance, they will never find the way to you.

Or, even longer, in case they take the wrong turn. Best, if you do it until you hear someone saying “I’m here, why you keep saying it?” hehe

So, yeah.



Well said!

People … change places with a spirit or demon… and see yourself in their place.

If someone called you and would be like “Pff, I’m not willing to do any of this for more than just what I’m lazy to do and no longer”, what would you be like?

Maybe you would answer “You want me to work my ass off for you, but you can’t recite my name more than 3 times?”…

Btw, it is said, to become an expert in any skill or profession, it takes roughly about 10 years.

If you are just the consumer type (that has done a lot of harm, nobody is willing to do more than just buy everything ready these days, and be served it on a silver plate), then DIY is not for you. You can always buy that stuff from these spirit sellers for masses (but be prepared, to get also junk or stuff never working for you).

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Ok then I won’t do it. I enjoyed your q&a sessions by the way (I’ll stop before I go off topic)

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Thank you. Each of those sessions took me about 45 minutes to an hour from start to finish (and they wore me out lol)


Man, I dont want to be mean, but take my advice with heart.If you cant spend five minutes, occult in general isnt meant for you.


Yes you’re mentally strong I read everything

I don’t practice magick at all at the moment, there’s just no other forum like this where you can literally mine gold of information

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@Littleshart I don’t think that is mean, if we are honest and direct in this matter. Asking to get the same results and “pronto please” (not just in the spiritual but anywhere in live), for which others need to put effort in, need to learn and train, often for years, is rather the “mean request” to do and a disrespecting service to all those who have reached their advanced state through study, research, hard work, hundreds to thousand hours spent and even failures.

Anything that is simply given to us for nothing, no matter how big, is usually not valued by us (anyone of us) and we have not earned it.


Which is practically useless, if not practiced upon it.


No information will get you anywhere without you doing the work, even in indirect magick.I speak as a book addict who lacks on praxis.Trust my words.

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@S_vi_Britannia Can you sit still for 10-15 minutes and visualise some scenery in the first person? If you can do that, then I recommend you look into working in vision, also called pathworking. Pathworking essentially uses your imagination as a bridge to astral communication with spirits.

Two books that might be worth looking into are Lucifer and the Hidden Demons (pathworking with demons, obviously) and Raziel’s Paths of Power (pathworking with the 72 Angels of the Shemhamphorash).

You can also do petition spells. A petition spell only requires you to write a letter to your spirit of choice and then burn it. Can’t get any easier for magick than that.



Ok gotcha

Ooo no i forgot to tell u I did an evocation twice and it lasted an hour I don’t really know what to ask them. They just told me to create a servitor and do meditation, I’m only addicted to evoking but mine lasts for 30 min. Only

As @DarkestKnight recommended, try Lucifer and the Hidden Demons, or Goetia Pathworking. I am currently working with both. Atleast take the time and effort to use Demons of Magick the proper way. I’ve had great results with it. Other than that, chew up a low dose of magic (psilocybin) mushrooms and gaze at a sigil… Your experience, if like mine, will be absolutely fuckin intense!

Oooo yeh petition spells worked for me I didn’t even read your full reply. No I hate imagination unless I can see spirits, like you saw an archangel I need reasoning like that

Crazy I use bottle of vodka and evoke invoke the whole day and experiment

What now?!?!?!