Evoking Demons as a Priest

This is an old and undiscusted idea like the priesthood of enki and similar like conjuring angels in the name of god as the priest of god the same thing conjuring demons in the name of satan and lucifer and Tantavalerion

like saying I summon you NAME in the name of Satan Lucifer and Tantavalerion for I am their priest

or something similar please try it Savanah from the black witch coven I read said something similar for conjuring unfriendly demons this way because not all spirits like humans many demons hate us

It’s not uncommon for a Priest to evoke a demon, in ancient Sumer demons were protectors as well as punishers, dealing out the law the Gods sent them out to do. Yes there’s some demons who don’t like humans, not all humans but humans specifically here, same with some angels, some Gods, some Titan Gods, and whatever other races in between.

Any idea that demons or angels or other are out there only wanting what’s best for humanity is purely a newbie’s fantasy.


This is such a tricky subject. A few times I did things like that, when I was young, until I found that the spirits I was calling weren’t in any sense above me

Sorry if I’m changing the subject, but wouldn’t that entity be a face of Satalos ??

I did not quite clearly understand what you were saying , can you elaborate ?

Tantavalerion maybe it’s be a face Or aspect of Satalos ??
There is not much information about Tantavalerion here on the forum

satalos is fiction made up by koetting


I would like to read about it …
But I would like to know more about Tantavalerion!

I thought so, there’s 0 data on that name besides on this forum, and then there’s claims that Satalos is the father of the gatekeepers, but Azazel, Belial, etc do not acknowledge that being as their parent. Azazel has more research as being the father of Asmodeus with Naamah, and Belial doesn’t mention his parents when I ask, but none seem to really have acknowledged anyone by the name Satalos.

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Azazel is alive and works he is Iblis I got a car with his help I still thank him :slight_smile: